what are fingerprints?

1. The three types of fingerprints are:

2. The fingers or palms are the part of the body that have ridge patterns that allow patterns to be distinctively made.

3. The sweat gland and the sebaceous gland are the two glands on our skin.

4.     Secretions of the skin make up invisible fingerprints (small amounts of oil and perspiration from pores and tiny ridge son the fingerprints and other parts of the body)

5.    Skin diagram


6.     The fingerprints are completely formed by the fifth month of pregnancy and will never change in shape throughout the person’s life time. if it ever changes it will be because of a result of a major accident or severe injuries, then the injury itself may become as unique and distinctive as the fingerprint it has replaced.

7.     No human being has the same fingerprint or toe print; they are all unique and personal. Some people may have a similar pattern but never the exact same print.

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